Underscore Games

About Us

We are a board game startup company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in Summer 2020, the threat of the global pandemic had us stuck inside where our creativity began to take physical shape! Making use of our time, we began the creation of our first game, Infernal Escape. As a company, we exist to develop unique games that act as a central factor in bringing family and friends together alike. Longtime friends and founders of Underscore Games, Philip, Daniel, and Tim have taken initiative to expand our team to the list that it is below! Take a minute to meet our current staff down below!

Meet The Team


Daniel R.

Daniel Rabinovich works as the Co-Director here at Underscore Games. Outside of work, Daniel runs his own podcast called The Blue South, focused on spreading Democratic involvement among the youth, and actively stays up to date in public policy. Three items that he couldn't live without include Ultimate Frisbee, BLT sandwiches, and his camera.

Phil V.

Phil is the Co-Director of Underscore Games. Outside of work, Phil is studying Unity, programming, and Russian. Phil also likes to play Ultimate Frisbee and video games. Three items that he couldn't live without include his friends, candy, and his computer.


Joe E.

Joe Essay works as a digital product manager slaying the dragons of the product and eCommerce worlds by day. But... after the kids go to sleep you'll find him grinding and growing and successful voice acting business with a long list of happy clients such as Hasbro, Pinnacle Bank, Microsoft, Black and Decker, Marriott and more. The three items he couldn't live without are his family, music, and a big dose of American freedom.

Gustavo A.

Gustavo Aponte works as the main content artist at Underscore Games. Outside of work, Gustavo plays video games with his friends and family, goes hiking in the mountains, and enjoys making things out of cardboard. Three items that he can’t live without is his computer, his iPad Pro, and his iPhone.

Alex R.

Alex Reid works as a motion graphics artist here at Underscore Games. Outside of work, he designs, rides his mountain bike, works out, cooks, and of course draws. Three things he couldn't live without include a computer, stove, and any drawing tool.

Jay N.

Jay Nguyen works as a Web Developer at Underscore Games. Outside of working hours, he loves cooking for his family and entertaining his kids. His hobbies include coding, video gaming, and strategic gaming. Three things that he can't live without are his family, programming, and coffee.

Devin K.

Devin Kornhaus works as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator here at Underscore Games. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts and Animation with an art background in traditional media. He has a passion for character design and a love of fantasy art. Devin comes from a background in game and card design, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his time at the Argent Saga TCG. He spends his time outside work with his wife, Erin, his dog, Jax, and his two cats, Nico and Dahlia. He adores cinema, well-crafted comedy television, and strategy and role playing video and tabletop games.

Matt W.

Matt Wang is a Graphic Designer at Underscore Games. In his off time he designs and screen prints apparel for his shop, and follows the Sixers and the NY Giants. Not the baseball team he says, nobody likes baseball. In the summer he spends his free time working on his boat and fishing, and in the winter he's often snowboarding. He couldn't survive without BBQ ribs, stupid sitcoms, and basketball.

Kaela H.

Bio Coming Soon...

Rigatoni G.

Bio Coming Soon...

Alec B.

Bio Coming Soon...

Dominic L.

Dominic LoBello is an illustrator for Underscore. Dominic is a veteran artist having a Bachelors in illustration and game art at Northern Illinois University and Full Sail University. Outside of work he reads ancient mythology, plays games of all sorts, and enjoys athletics. Dominic couldn’t live without his laptop, chocolate, pizza, martial arts, sketch pads, and pencils.

Kayleigh E.

Kayleigh Efird is an Illustrator for Underscore Games. Outside of her role for the company, she is a textile artist and spends time expanding her studio practice from her home in Baltimore, MD. Three things Kayleigh can’t live without are her knitting needles, breakfast and a suitcase.

Alex Z.

Alex Zhao is an Illustrator at Underscore Games. He has a BFA in Illustration. When not working, Alex enjoys playing video games, cooking, reading manga, and watching anime and shows. He is also a big fan of eSports, including League of Legends and Super Smash Brothers.

Marco G.

Marco Gamino is a Creative Writer for Underscore Games. When not writing fantasy and sci-fi epics, he's playing video games or watching too much anime. He also follows F1 and most major soccer leagues.

Eli B.

Eli Beaird is an Illustrator at Underscore Games. Aside from creating illustrations, he is creating webcomics, watching anime and playing/ designing board games. What he values the most are nerds, because who else would play board games and read his comics. He would have to laugh at all his own jokes again, and nobody wants that.

Taylor F.

Taylor Frymier is a Game Dev Lead at Underscore Games. When not worldbuilding and writing game lore, you'll find him hanging with his family and playing video games or reading about vikings. Three things he couldn't live without: metal music, fantasy novels, and stout porter.

Christopher W.

Christopher Wyatt is a Creative Writer at Underscore Games. When he's not writing, he can be found spending time with his family, and performing stand-up comedy. He couldn't live without caffeine, good books, and breathing exercises.

Alumni Staff

Tim Z.

Tim was the Creative Director of Underscore Games. Outside of the company he was mostly staying at home and baking. Three things he couldn't live without include Video Games, D&D, and sleep.

Matthew S.

Matthew Sandoval worked as a Web Developer at Underscore Games. Outside of web development he enjoyed Harry Potter and cooking good food. Three things he couldn't live without include family, programming and aviation.

Adrian M.

Adrian Martinez worked as one of the graphic designers at Underscore Games. Besides drawing, he enjoyed playing video games, cooking, walks, and napping. Dreams of one day were creating his own video games.

Elly L.

Elisa was an illustrator and graphic designer for Underscore Games. She loved to play video games, watch Japanese Anime, and draw in her spare time. Also, Elisa couldn't live without the internet.

Sara K.

Sara was a Graphic Designer for Underscore Games. Outside of work you could find her rollerskating around the neighborhood, watching anime with friends, playing video games, and adventuring for treasure in thrift stores! She could not live without music, caffeine, or her cat Barkley!

Michael M.

Michael Macchiarola worked as one of the Illustrators and Concept Artists at Underscore Games. In his free time, he ran a weekly fifth edition dungeons and dragons campaign, co-hosts the “Who You Lookin’ At” podcast, and worked as a freelance illustrator, painter, and designer under the name Mr. Toe Thumbs. Three things he couldn't live without were his favorite book/game stores, his espresso machine, and Precise V5 Pens.

Moises R.

Moises Ruiz worked as one of the graphic designers at Underscore Games. In his free time, he streamed himself playing video games with either his friends or his wife on Twitch. Through his streams, he had built a community where people from around the world share their love for video games, technology and other shared interest. Aside from this, he enjoyed Japanese food, spending time with his wife and taking care of their little fur-children Jenny and Tiny.

Nolan L.

Nolan Lynch was a Creative Writer at Underscore Games. Facilities coordinator by day and screenwriter by night, in his spare time he studied small scale regenerative agriculture, mythology, and the traditional folk music of the Celtic nations. He found it very difficult to live without dark beer, trees, and the works of JRR Tolkien.

Mark H.

Mark Hansen worked as a Creative Writer at Underscore Games. He tried Choose Your Own Adventure books in grade school, and had been hooked on interactive stories ever since. When he wasn't at his desk you could find him camping with his family, making music, or dabbling in game design. Three things you would have to pry from his cold, dead hands are his favorite pen, Model D synthesizer, and his custom dice.

Aaron F.

Aaron Fentress was a creative writer for Underscore Games. When he was not dreaming up game lore, he was a MovingWorlds Fellow and freelance writer and editor. He loved reading comics, watching the same four cartoons, and a spirited conversation about life, the universe and everything. Three things he couldn't live without are his dog, his wife and a good book.