Underscore Games

About Us

We are a board game startup company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in Summer 2020, the threat of the global pandemic had us stuck inside where our creativity began to take physical shape! Making use of our time, we began the creation of our first game, Infernal Escape. As a company, we exist to develop unique games that act as a central factor in bringing family and friends together alike. Longtime friends and founders of Underscore Games, Philip, Daniel, and Tim have taken initiative to expand our team to the list that it is below! Take a minute to meet our current staff down below!

Meet The Team


Daniel R.

Daniel Rabinovich works as the Co-Director here at Underscore Games. Outside of work, Daniel runs his own podcast called The Blue South, focused on spreading Democratic involvement among the youth, and actively stays up to date in public policy. Three items that he couldn't live without include Ultimate Frisbee, BLT sandwiches, and his camera.

Phil V.

Phil is the Co-Director of Underscore Games. Outside of work, Phil is studying Unity, programming, and Russian. Phil also likes to play Ultimate Frisbee and video games. Three items that he couldn't live without include his friends, candy, and his computer.


Troy S.

Troy works on copywriting and marketing content creation here at Underscore Games. Outside of work, he’s a prospective graduate student studying marketing at the University of Florida and a passionate board game lover! Three items that could summon him would be bubble tea, cats, and dark chocolate.

Joe E.

Joe Essay works as a digital product manager slaying the dragons of the product and eCommerce worlds by day. But... after the kids go to sleep you'll find him grinding and growing and successful voice acting business with a long list of happy clients such as Hasbro, Pinnacle Bank, Microsoft, Black and Decker, Marriott and more. The three items he couldn't live without are his family, music, and a big dose of American freedom.

Matthew S.

Matthew Sandoval works as a Web Developer at Underscore Games. Outside of web development he enjoys Harry Potter and cooking good food. Three things he couldn't live without include family, programming and aviation.

Gustavo A.

Gustavo Aponte works as the main content artist at Underscore Games. Outside of work, Gustavo plays video games with his friends and family, goes hiking in the mountains, and enjoys making things out of cardboard. Three items that he can’t live without is his computer, his iPad Pro, and his iPhone.

Elly L.

Elisa an illustrator and graphic designer for Underscore Games. She loves to play video games, watch Japanese Anime, and draw in her spare time. Also, Elisa cannot live without the internet.

Martha R.

Martha Ray works as one of the graphic designers at Underscore Games. Outside of work, Martha is a full-time graphic designer by day and by night enjoys playing video games and board games, hanging out friends and family, and baking. Three items she can’t life without are her computer, chocolate, and her stuffed Kyubey.

Alex R.

Alumni Staff

Tim Z.

Tim was the Creative Director of Underscore Games. Outside of the company he was mostly staying at home and baking. Three things he couldn't live without include Video Games, D&D, and sleep.